Restaurant Menu


Continental Breakfast 250 (Juice, Toast Roll, Tea or Coffee) American Breakfast 400 Juice, Cereals (Corn Flakes or Porridge or Museli), Toast Roll, 2 piece Choice of Egg (Poach, Scrambles, Boiled, Omelet, Fried) Grilled Tomato & Brown Potatoes, Ham or Bacon or Sausage, Tea or Coffee A La Carte Toast (2 piece) 50 Croissant (2 piece) […]

All Day

Soup (Served with Bread Rolls) Creamy Soup (Mushroom /Asparagus /Chicken served with Fresh Cream) 250 Sea Food Soup 300 (Mixed Sea Food cooked in Herbs & Stock served with Parsley & Cream) 300 Tomato Soup 250 (Fresh Tomato Cooked in Herbs & Butter served with Cream & Bread) Salad Chef’s Special Salad 350 Chicken Salad […]


Non Veggie Chicken Chilly 300 Chicken Satay 300 Chicken Choyela 300 Chicken Drumstick 300 Chicken Fried 300 Chicken Wings Fried 300 Chicken Sausage (Fried/Chilly) 300 Pork Sausage (Fried/Chilly) 350 Pork (Fried/Chilly) 350 Buff Sukuti 200 Fish Cake 300 Fish Finger 300 Prawn Chilly /Fried 600 Mutton Sekwa 400 MoMo 200 (Chicken, Buff) Veggie Bruschettas 250 […]


*You can order anything from ALL DAY MENU to create a perfect dinner. Soup Creamy Soup (Mushroom/Asparagus/Chicken served with Fresh Cream) 250 Tomato Soup 250 (Fresh Tomato cooked in Herbs & Butter served with Cream & Bread) French Onion Soup 250 (Fresh Onion cooked with Herbs & served with Cheese Croutons) Tom Yum Soup 300 […]


Apple pie 300 (Served with scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream) FlambĂ© Crepe suze with orange 250 Cream Caramel 250 (Traditional Caramel Custard) Banana Split 300 (Banana & Ice-cream topped with Chocolate Sauce) Fruit Salad 250 (Cube cut of Fresh Mix Fruit garnished with Mint Leaf) Ice-cream 200 (Choice of Ice-Cream Strawberry / Vanilla or Chocolate) Panchamrit […]