Continental Breakfast 250
(Juice, Toast Roll, Tea or Coffee)
American Breakfast 400
Juice, Cereals (Corn Flakes or Porridge or Museli), Toast Roll, 2 piece Choice of Egg
(Poach, Scrambles, Boiled, Omelet, Fried) Grilled Tomato & Brown Potatoes, Ham or
Bacon or Sausage, Tea or Coffee
A La Carte
Toast (2 piece) 50
Croissant (2 piece)
Muffins (2 piece)
French Toast (2 piece) 150
Cereals (Corn Flakes or Porridge or Museli) 150
Two pieces of Eggs (Poach, Scrambles, Boiled, Omelet, Fried) 200
(Served with Hashed Brown Potato & Grilled Tomato)
Ham / Bacon / Sausage 200
Cheese Platter 350
Fresh Fruits Platter 300
Yogurt 100
Hot Beverage
Coffee (Small Pot) 120
Himalayan Readymade Tea, Herbal Tea, Lemon Tea, Jasmine Tea (Small Pot) 100
Hot Lemon With Honey 100
Hot Chocolate 120
Hot Milk 70
Espresso 100
Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha 125
Cold Non-Alcoholic Beverage
Choice of Chilled Canned Juice 125
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Juice 150
Pepsi, Mirinda, 7-Up, Dew, Lemon Soda, Soda 75
Ozonated Water  (Aqua) 75
Himalayan on Top
Milk Shake 200
(Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate with Cold Milk, Sugar & Ice)
Tonic Water / Energy Drink / Diet Coke 150
Cold Coffee with Ice-Cream 200
Cold Coffee 150
Lemon Ice Tea 150
All price are in local currency and are subject to total 10% service charge and 13% VAT.